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Abdelnasser Hajihashemabad

Expert advice in development and growth of businesses and platforms based on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFT Projects

In the creative world of blockchain technology, I'm With You!

Hi. My name is Abdelnasser Hajihashemabad (عبدالناصر حاجی هاشم آباد) and I have the ability to help you advance the goals of projects created on the blockchain platform.
Currently I can work with Blockchain projects as a Business consultant & Researcher.

My skills not only include implementing a digital transformation to the business but also a cultural change, a shift in mindset where the whole company supports a new way of thinking.

I apply new technologies to existing experiences and deliver game-changing innovative solutions transforming processes and marketing/advertising strategies also focusing on building growth mindsets within company cultures.

I ensure that through digital transformation an organization makes a fundamental change from its current state to one in which digital technology is integrated into all areas of the business, improving efficiency, connectivity, and value to customers along with building memorable experiences & partnerships.

Abdelnasser Hajihashemabad
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